Balloon Twisting

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Balloon Twisting

Balloon twisting is the perfect complement to a Perth party that has our face painting designs!

Our professional balloon twisting services can add a highlight to your party or help keep the kids occupied while the adults get down to business. They can be used as toys for the kids at the party or even as brief entertainment.

If you aren’t sure about what balloon twisting is, or what it might add to your event, read on! We’ll be happy to inform you. By the end, we are sure you’ll agree that our balloons are the ideal partner to our easy face painting.

magic touch face painting perth

The most common thing we do for twisting is balloon animals. Dogs, kittens, giraffes, and other critters are ever popular with kids. We can twist and fold special balloons to mimic the general shapes, giving entertainment and putting smiles on kid’s faces.

We can also have balloon wrapped to help support the face painting. We can make balloon swords for the boys who become knights, or crowns for the princesses. This lets them have a happier time and gives them something tangible to play with.

Magic Touch Face Painting Perth also provides more than just single-balloon modeling. We can also twist multiple ones together, creating more elaborate designs. The process occurs right in front of the kids, so they can be entertained as we work.

We use balloons in a variety of bright, cheerful colors. Varying lengths are included, giving our team more leeway to accommodate any requests your guests have. All the necessary equipment, including the pumps, are provided with the service.

Just like our face painter supplies, we use only non-toxic materials. From the gas in the pumps to the plastic balloons, everything we use does not cause allergic reactions and is not harmful. We take your safety in mind alongside your smiles and satisfaction.

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