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Body Art

Here at Magic Touch Face Painting Perth, we believe that the human body is nothing short of a work of art. With all of its intricate parts and the contours of its form, there are few things more naturally beautiful.

At the same time, it is also an excellent canvas! With our body paint service in Perth, we can turn your body into a living canvas!

With our talented artists, we can give your body an extra artistic touch to go with the face paint ideas. We can paint on bare skin or a skin-tight material, for those of you who are shy. The process will take time, but by the time we’re done, you will be a living, breathing work of art.

magic touch face painting perth

Magic Touch Face Painting Perth has worked on multiple designs in the past. Our body paint projects are diverse.

We can work on pregnant women’s bellies. This new trend of decorating the belly late into the pregnancy adds a little flair. We guarantee that the paints and materials we use are safe not only for the mother but also for the baby inside.

We can paint patterns and designs of your choosing, or go for something more audacious. Whether you want to turn yourself blue-skinned for a day or are thinking of going to Halloween painted up as a skeleton, we can get you ready in style.

Our body paint service is great for parties but better for promotional events. Our team has experience in painting logos and products on the bodies of models.

This great touch combines the charms of the promo models with a direct advertisement for your brand.

Call us today and get the best body paint to match with Halloween face paint or other designs you have. When you’re in Perth and want to make a splash at a costume party, spice up an event, or just impress, our body painting service is sure to be a hit.

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