When you’re doing face painting, it is important to have a few things. You need faces to paint. You need the skills to paint the designs they ask for, too. Finally, face paint supplies Perth also come into play. It’s not just paints and glitter, after all.

Okay, let’s start with the obvious. You need to have a good supply of face paint in various colours.

You can get the right paints in a number of craft stores or art supply shops. However, these don’t always have the best quality, and that can negatively impact things. You’ll want to instead invest in a good set of paints meant specifically for the face.

A twelve-colour or eight-colour palette is a good starting point. Plenty of options on these palettes. In addition to these, add a largely white, black, and red source. These three tend to go a lot faster than the others, so be sure to have extra.

Glitter is also important. This is what gives those designs that sparkle! Be sure to get the right type of glitter, too. There are lots of types, and not all of them can be used on the skin.

You’ll want a sponge. Two sponges are ideal. Makeup sponges can do in an emergency.

Brushes are also essential because you don’t want to be using your hands. The #4 round is the most common, but a liner and a filbert are good supplements. A flat brush adds more options for texture and design. Fortunately, you can get a decent set easily.

A water basin is important. This is where you clean off any brushes between colouring or faces. A few plastic cups are good if you have no other option. Be sure to have one that is separate for clean water, though.

A spray bottle can help keep the paint wet. Get a travel-sized one, since you won’t be going through a lot of it.

Paper towels, preferably in dark colours, are good ones. A washcloth is also an excellent choice if you keep it clean between sessions.

If you need to erase a mistake, rather than paint over it, use baby wipes. This keeps your hands clean and can be useful if you want to remove any stains on the face before you start working.

Q-tips are good if you need to apply paint to the lips. Dip it in a little glitter and a little paint. This helps you get a lot more options, too.

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