Do you have a holiday event coming up? If you are and you’re considering hiring us for face painting at it, we welcome your patronage! To help keep things as smooth as possible, we’re going to give some advice on how to make the booking process a seamless, hassle-free event.

First, check the budget and compare it with our rates.

How much you spend will vary based on how long you want us there. There’s a minimum of two hours for bookings. On average, an event can last anywhere from three to four hours. If it’s a kid’s party, you’ll probably want us there the whole time. If it’s not, you may not need us for the entire thing.

Along with the price, ask yourself how many painters you’ll need.

If it’s a kid’s party, you’re going to want more than one. Even the best face painters can only do so many kids per hour. If you ‘re going to get your money’s worth, you’ll need more people. On the other hand, if they’re just there to keep kids occupied in an otherwise adult event, one may be all you need.

To do that, you’ll want a head count of how many children are going to the event. Even for adult events, some might bring children along. On average, you’ll want to give the painters some leeway. Our team can handle anywhere from ten to twelve children per hour.

If you’re looking for a long event with dozens of kids, you might want to book two or more, so the waiting doesn’t take too long. Kids might get impatient waiting their turn.

Be sure to take note of anything relevant to safety and hygiene.

We take good care of those things on our end. Hand sanitizers are standard. We have a lot of water and change it frequently. We also avoid painting children that have skin conditions, wounds, or anything that appears contagious.

Which is where your part comes in. We need you to find out who might get sick, who has allergies, and the like. This is important since it can prevent all manner of safety issues.

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