Safety is important. One of the key elements of being safe with face painting Perth is to remove it before going to sleep. This can seem like a hassle because it’s not the easiest thing in the world to remove. In fact, the best paints used tend to be designed to hard to remove with just water.

Failing to take the paint out of the equation can be problematic, for much the same reason as makeup left overnight is bad. So without further adieu, let us give you some easy, readily-available tips on what works for removing that face paint.

Keep in mind we’re making one assumption. Namely, that you used the brands that don’t get worn off by just sweat and water. All the best face painting Perth services use that!

First, let’s go with baby lotion. Adult lotion can occasionally work well too, but if your skin is sensitive, the baby variants are better. Just a quick wipe is all you need.

Makeup remover is also a choice.

If you keep such things around the house already, this probably won’t come as a big surprise. The only catch is that this can be expensive, whereas other options are more economical. Still, it’s better than nothing if – somehow – everything else isn’t available.

Vaseline is also a great choice. In fact, if you did theatre in school, you probably learned this already! The best part is it’s quick and simple – apply, then wipe. No waiting or delays.

If you have baby oil and some cotton, here’s what you do.

Take a cotton ball and dip it in the oil. Swipe it over the painted areas. This should get the paint off, and then you can wash the face thoroughly to remove the oil.

Finally, look at the baby wipes you have on hand.

Fold them in half, and then half again. This should give you a small square and keep it from getting torn as you move. Start wiping the face paint off. Put your back into it! Thicker coats might require more work, but it’s a quick way to remove things on the go.

Cold cream is also a choice, but it’s not one we recommend.

For starters, it’s slow. You’ll need a minute or so for it to sink in. The other issue is that it’s expensive, even compared to makeup remover. There’s also the rare instance that you might be allergic to it, so you probably want to test it first before buying!

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