If you plan to go into the face painting game, welcome to the club! With years of experience, the folks here at Magic Touch have learned a thing or two about how this works. Whether you’re looking to get into it as a business or as a hobbyist, we have some sound advice for you.

Remember that a non-toxic paint is not the same as the one that’s safe for skin. Acrylic craft paints are non-toxic, just like watercolour markers or pencils. They also aren’t safe for use on the skin. Some brands are specifically for use on skin, such as Fardel, Wolfe Brothers, or Ben Nye.

Alcohol is not very useful for sanitising a brush or sponge. Also, avoid using it around the eye area when cleaning face paint.

Do not paint anyone with a contagious illness, has open wounds, or sores. In many cases, avoiding acne is also a good idea because the painting process can irritate sensitive skin.

Avert the use of metallic craft glitter for faces. Acrylic is safer. As a reminder, ask if the person getting their face painted wants glitter. Not everyone wants it, and some people find even acrylic to be an irritant on their skin.

Be sure to wash your hands between faces! The use of a hand sanitizer is also advisable. This keeps your hands clean for the next face as well as being a smart health move on your end.

Make sure you’re comfortable when you’re painting. These sessions can take a while, especially if they ask for elaborate designs. Use a comfortable chair and paint sitting down, wearing supportive shoes. You can end up doing long-term damage to your back if you’re not careful

Do not paint a child with head lice. Learn how to check for them! If you have long hair, you’ll want to take the precaution of tying it back. This helps keep it from getting in your face and reducing the odds of lice jumping to your head.

Organise your tools and workspace, so you minimise the amount of bending, stretching, and twisting that you need to do as you work. This will reduce your risk of repetitive-stress injuries. Remember to take a break every few minutes and stretch, too.

Speaking of resting, take a break and eat a snack every few hours. Keep liquids handy. Be fed and avoid dehydration.

Finally, consider insurance. Yes, there is such a thing as face painting insurance.

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