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Special Effects

We do more than just face painting ideas! Our experts can do a little movie magic and turn you into something – or someone – else entirely! If your events need personnel covered beyond face paint, call us for our special effects services.

If you want to go beyond Australia Day face paint or Halloween faces, this is perfect for you.

This service offers high-quality make-up and face painting, fake blood and gore and more. With this, you can turn yourself into a more convincing horror creature or indeed look like someone else!

The special effects service comes with some pre-set designs for you to choose. However, our face painting artist can also work to accommodate any special requests or unique ideas.

magic touch face painting perth

This service uses a variety of products to achieve the desired effect. Fake blood, scar wax, and more all gets used. Whether you want to turn into the daughter of Frankenstein’s monster, a zombie hungering for brains, or even a queen right out of folklore, our special effects team in Perth are ready.

Best of all is that we provide full-body work for special effects. If your idea or event needs more than just the face, we can do the body too. Our team will paint, decorate, and apply latex to get the right look and turn you into a fairy tale princess, a horror grotesque, or anything in between.

Just like our glitter tattoos and face paints, all materials used for special effects are tested for safety. They are not found to cause any allergic reactions, are water-based for easy removal when possible, and are non-irritants for the skin.

However, we decline to apply effects on children younger than two years old as per regulations.

Take a step further than just a store-bought costume and become someone else for a night! Call Magic Touch Face Painting Perth for our special effects service!

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