Whether it’s the World Cup or a kid’s party, getting the face painted is a great way to show someone’s enthusiasm. Face paint allows people to pretend to be someone else for a while or to just stand out and show their support. It’s great, it’s fun, and it allows people to get creative.

Until you start sweating.

Sweat can be the bane of many a face paint design. You might have seen it on, say, professional wrestlers who use face paint to help sell their persona or gimmick. It might be on fans of the World Cup, who use it to paint flags on their faces to show support for their favoured team.

Well, here’s more than a few ways to make sure the sweat doesn’t wipe away the work you put on the face.

One thing to do is try using a primer. A thin layer of an oil-free primer can extend the life of the paints you’re wearing. It also helps with things like foundation and concealer.

However, do avoid a primer that says “anti-ageing” or “hydrating.” These have ingredients meant to moisturize the skin but will begin to feel greasy when things overheat. As such, they’re not comfortable to use on your face.

Don’t use drugstore face paints. They’re cheap and easy to use, but water will destroy them.

Instead, use something professional-grade. There’s plenty of brands out there, just be sure to avoid anything heavy-hitting. Use something that’s not a liquid, since this will make it more stable once it sets and dries on the skin.

Try to set the designs using powder. This is a crucial step and something that people who do makeup under hot conditions will know.

The powder absorbs oil. This will help keep the paint on the skin. One way to handle this is to use a pre-powdered puff in a small bag, left overnight so they can blot properly. If you use a translucent formula for your colours, this will work wonders.

Finally, you could choose to use a makeup-setting spray. You might not have heard of this before, but it’s something that sees a typical use for wedding makeup artists.

The sprays protect the makeup from the oils that your skin produces on its own. They contain a number of ingredients they share with hair sprays, the kind that holds the strands in position together. We don’t advise using actual hairspray on your face, so that’s a bad idea.

Now you know how to protect your kids face painting Perth. Click here for more information.

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