If you’re looking to do some face painting for your kids or the kids of your friends, that’s great! It lets you be creative and entertain kids at the same time. Just make sure that you have all the materials. It’s important that you have the right kind of paints and brushes, after all.

Then you realize you have no idea what you’re doing! You’re not sure what to paint or how to do it. You’re a little confused by it, overwhelmed by all of the options available.

Here are a few quick designs that can get you started!

Let’s start with the clown. The clown is simple. It’s clean. It’s also among the easiest designs out there and serves as a good baseline if you want to get creative after you get comfortable.

First, use a brush and draw a black triangle above and below the left eye. Add red circles on each cheek. If you’re feeling adventurous, add a lot of white to cover most of the face, leaving only the edges as bare skin. From there, you have the basic clown face design.

Another thing you can try is the tiger. This can make the kids look fierce and its a lot of great fun.

You begin with sponging face paint around the eyes. Keep a light touch. After that, sponge orange paint over the cheekbones, the nose, and between the brows. Then, a paintbrush will draw tiger stripes along the forehead and cheeks.

Then use a small heart-shape on the tip of the nose. It has to be black. Finally, finish with a white outline around the black.

For the girls, try a mermaid design.

You sponge blue paint over the eyes, moving up along the forehead gently. From there, use a brush to add the white shell for the centre of the forehead. Keep the scales “U” shaped along the blue. Black is what you use for outlines. Finally, a black line on the eyelids and two on the corners of the eyes.

Of course, there’s also the dragon. One of the most impressive designs, evoking a creature of myth and power.

You start off with sponging green face paint over eyes, cheeks, nose, and upper lip. From there, add white horns and fangs on the brows and cheeks. The tip of the nose should be black, and add scales along the cheeks. A line on both sides of the nose smooths things out.

Finally, add a “V” shape between the eyes and black horns. White paint goes well for highlights.

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