As with anything else, when you paint faces, there are always requests that keep coming up. It’s like when you go to karaoke; there’s still going to be one or two songs everyone picks. There are certain shows that everyone talks about.

It’s the same when you’re painting faces. There’s always some designs that kids keep asking for, no matter what event you’re in.

Among little girls, butterflies seem typical.

It could be because, outside of the basic design, they’re flexible. Colors, patterns, and even area of the face covered by the paint can vary. It’s also one of my favourites because it gives you a load of room to think and create.

Another popular choice these days is the superhero.

There’s a lot of them out there. Some, like Batman, is easier because it’s not a lot of colour – even if you need props for the ears. Others, like Spider-man, are harder because the design is intricate and can take a long time to apply.

The tiger is always a favourite.

It’s a simple design, deep down. Prominent teeth, a lot of yellow, and some stripes. I think it’s partly the ferocity of the image that sells it, makes kids want it on their faces.

Unicorns have recently seen an uptake.

This one usually has some razzle-dazzle around the eyes, like rainbows or wings. The unicorn itself is just a head and neck, often placed on the forehead. The design never really died out, but it wasn’t as prevalent before as it is nowadays. I wonder what changed?

Flower patterns are pretty, and girls seem to love them too.

Pick a flower. Roses tend to be familiar to the point of being stereotypical. Other flowers are good too, though. Most kids like them in more straightforward colours, lots of primaries. A lot don’t like to mix, but the ones that do have a good idea what they want to see.

Of course, as with anything favourite, these are prone to shifting and changing. For a while back, pirate skulls were famous for boys. That’s now not as common, and you’re more likely to get Spider-Man requests.

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